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Weekend updates
by posted 05/13/2021

Hey Aztecs,


What a great game yesterday, so proud of the kids and all their hard work and dedication. Don't forget batting cages tomorrow 4-430 if you can make it, no practice afterward.

Saturday morning we play the first game of the day against the chapman panthers. I will need a few parents to help out w/ field prep: lining the base baths/batters box, dragging the field, setting up the pitching machine etc. Also need volunteers to do scorekeeping.

Next week our "practice" will be a scrimmage against the titans, wednesday 530-7.

Believe it or not only a few weeks left in the season, looking forward to more exciting games ahead.


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Practice and game this weekend
by posted 05/07/2021

Hey Aztecs, 

Few reminders and updates, practice today 5:30-7P at our usual field if you can make it, planning to just split the team and play a simulated game, work on fielding/hitting.

Game tomorrow is 10:15A, again we are the hometeam and I need someone to do the scorekeeping, we have a book for our team in the office, I will get to the field a little early to help if you haven't done it before. 

On that note, we are trying the new rules out tomorrow (see bulletin below). I know most of us have reservations about the changes, when I signed up to coach I figured I would be coaching a rookie league team, not a hybrad of A and rookie. That said, since it was a majority decision of the coaches of the other teams we need to give it a shot. Please don't hesitate to give feedback, as none of these rules are set in stone and we can revisit the changes after all the teams play tomorrow. 

Thanks, see everyone this evening/tomorrow morning.


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Week of May 3-7 updates Aztecs
by posted 05/03/2021

Hey Aztecs,

Great game on Saturday, the hitting was awesome. This week we do not have a game until Saturday, I booked the batting cages for Wednesday 4-4:30pm (cages only available 30 minutes at a time), if you can make it it'd be a good opportunity to work on your hitting, Gabe and I will be there with a bucket of balls. Anyone who wants to stick around can head out to the soccer fields after for some throwing/catching/fielding work. Plan to wrap up around 5p. 

Last night the rookie/A manages had a zoom meeting with the league president, and we voted as a group to start keeping score, recording outs, and tracking wins/losses. I still want this to be a fun experience for the kids as well as a learning experience, so I want to share the big rule changes:

-five pitches on the machine and then it's a "strikeout" if no contact, no more hitting off the tee, records an out
-we will have a youth umpire taking over the calls in the field
-no more extra bases on an overthrow, like if the throw to first gets by the first baseman, only on well hit balls. Still a 2 base maximum on any hit. Coaches will help monitor this along with the umpire.
-I will need a volunteer scorekeeper for every home game, starting this Saturday. If you don' thave experience keeping score me or one of the other coaches/parents can help you. 
-Fortunately we will have access to the big wheel machine for each game, I think that was a big part of why the kids were hitting so well on Saturday, the pitches are more consistent and aren't sinking/sliding all over the place
-Since we have 11 total on the team, please try to text me if you can't make it to a game, as early as possible. The league will help us fill in gaps to get to 8 players if we are running short, but they need a bit of notice. Thanks.
-Games are still 90 minutes, if we start a new inning we finish it even if it runs longer than 90 minutes, but cannot start a new inning after 90 minutes. Games will be 6 innings long if we are under the 90 minute time limit.

A copy of the rules is available on the league website, I will put a link here, go by the "A" rules since we are moving into the second half of the season. https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.leagueathletics.com/Text/Documents/18963/94721.pdf

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AAztecs Team Info
by posted 04/06/2021

Hi A Aztec parents,

My name is Emily Lawrence Mendoza and I have volunteered to be our team parent this season.  I have been a team parent for my older son's teams for many years and look forward to a great season. 

Last week there was a team parent meeting and from that, I have some important info to share.

1)      Parent Volunteer Requirements:  (every family is responsible to earn 4 volunteer points per child), here are the required positions our team still needs to fill.  There will be other opportunities to earn points throughout the season as well but we must fill these spots first.  All positions listed below are valued at 4 points. 

a.       Manager (Filled)

b.       Asst. Coach 

c.       Asst. Coach 

d.       Team Parent (Filled)

e.     Dugout Parent (Filled)

f.        Fields (home team is responsible for the set up for the fields/visiting team is responsible for post-game needs, i.e. raking, watering, putting away bases if needed)

g.       Team Sponsorship ($300 minimum)

h.       Donate Silent Auction Basket ($100 value), I have a basket idea planned into our team budget, but if you have something else you'd like to contribute for the points feel free to let me know.


You can sign up for volunteer roles on our google sheet here: 




2)      Team Budget

a.       $45, league recommendation is $40-60 but I think we will be fine with $45 per player, if we are unable to secure a team sponsor we will divide the cost amongst all families on our team.

You can Venmo me @ emily-lawrence-15 or bring a check to our next practice (please note your player name).

b.       Team budget to cover:  team banner, embroidery of hats, small coaches gifts, dug out bins, and team parties


3)      Uniforms

a.       Unsure when these will be provided but will have these prior to our first game

b.       Includes: hat, uniform shirt, belt, and socks

c.       Pants:  parent responsibility, the team manager will determine the color


4)      Opening Day

a.       No parade of teams or pancake breakfast this year due to COVID restrictions

b.       Opening Day: April 17th, game at 12:30 pm


5)      Picture Day

a.       April 24th, time TBD

b.       All players receive a basic package which includes a memory mate (1 sheet which has team photo/individual photo) and button

c.       If additional photos are wanted, the form/payment must be completed on-line prior to picture day at https://www.sportleaguephotos.com/prepay.html


6)      Snack Schedule

a.       Snack typically includes 1or 2 prepackaged snack items and one beverage in a brown bag for each player and will be handed out at the end of the game.  Sign up for one or two games here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30E0A4FACA92AA2FA7-aaztecs


b.       New Snack Bar Option ($3/snack bag), or you may individually make snack bags

i.                     Able to order day of game, form will be at snack bar

ii.                   Snack will include a drink and 1-2 snacks

iii.                 Bagged and delivered to team dugout prior to ending of the game in a crate (please return the crate to the snack bar)


I will send out additional details and information as I receive it.  Please do not hesitate to email me at   or call/text me at (714) 767-6752.  Looking forward to a fun season!

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Team Parent 
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