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Covid Rules/Policies
by posted 05/02/2021

I wanted to thank all of you for doing a great job this season and your kids for doing a great job of wearing masks and/or keeping distance while at the fields. 

There hasn't been one issue with this team that I am aware so I appreciate all that you are doing. 

Just as a reminder, players are required to wear their masks while in the dugout and are OK to remove them while in the field. Coaches are required to keep their masks on at all times. If players are able to keep their masks on and play comfortably, I encourage them to continue to do so. 

If you and or your family are planning on attending a game and will be sitting in the bleachers, please keep your masks on at all times. 

If you would prefer to pull your mask down while at the field, please plan on sitting along the foul lines or outfield as you have already been doing. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. 


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NSLL Facility/Uniform Update
by posted 04/19/2021

Tomorrow night's game is our first at North Sunrise Little League. 

The field is attached to Handy Elementary but isn't part of the school. Please do not park at the Handy Elementary School parking lot. 

Instead, enter the Handy Park facility off of E. Oakmont Avenue (it will take you through a residential street). Once you park, we are at the field all the way to the back behind the Majors field (field closest to E. Collins Avenue and 55 Freeway).

I've included a link to a Google Earth map of the location in case there is any confusion. I also included some makers so that you know where the restrooms and snack bar are at. 



Our jerseys are expected to be delivered to the field today. Please make sure your kid receives their jersey prior to leaving the facility. If you are not going to be at practice or be leaving practice early, please connect with me so that you can pick up your kid's jersey. I would prefer not to have to bring them to the game tomorrow if possible. 

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Opening Day/Volunteer Requirements
by posted 04/15/2021

This Saturday morning is Opening Day and there are a few things I'd like to get wrapped up before our first game so they do not drag into the season. 

Volunteer Requirements

As a reminder, each player on the team is responsible for having a guardian secure 4 volunteer points this season. There are still some opportunities within our team requirements to reach this goal. Also, the League will post opportunities that you can sign up for throughout the season where you can earn your points by helping out. Please click on the link below to see what opportunities are available. There should be one up soon for Picture Day volunteers. 

There is also a buyout option, but we can't have anybody on our team buyout until all required positions are filled for our team. Please check with Team Parent, Jen Schmidt ( ) if you have any questions. 


Team Budget

Every team in the league has a budget that goes towards paying for team expenses such as the team banner, end-of-year gifts, and hopefully end-of-year team party. If you have already paid Jen, thank you. If you have not, please do this by the end of the day on Friday. Once again, if you have any questions about this payment, please contact Jen or send me a message directly and I can talk with you about it. 

Opening Day Activities

Our first game is scheduled for this Saturday at 9 a.m. For all games, I'm asking that players arrive and have their gear in the dugout 30 minutes prior to the start of the game. Being on time is crucial so that we can get kids warmed up and ready for the games. Please try to avoid arriving late, but if there are circumstances where this will be the case, please give me a call, text, or email to let me know. 

For this Saturday's game, if you can arrive by 8:20 a.m. that would be greatly appreciated. Our team as well as the Aztecs, who we are playing, are planning on having a short ceremony prior to the start of the game so the earlier you can get there the better. 

Field and Fan Conduct

This is my first year venturing into the world of competitive baseball. Last year's season was cut short before our team had the chance to start keeping score. With that, most of you are all in the same position and this is your first time counting outs and keeping score with a real outcome. I'm asking that all the players and fans in attendance keep it positive. Encourage the kids on the field and please leave the umpires alone. A majority of the kids that will be umpiring our games will be 12-16-year-olds and they may not be great. If you don't agree with a call please do your best to hold it in. I've already asked both my coaches not to talk to the umpire this season and all communication between the umpires will go through me. I don't want to discourage these kids that are volunteering from coming back out to the field because they had an awful experience. 

Keep it positive, cheer the kids on and our team will do better because of it. 


Our uniforms are expected to be delivered on Friday. If they are available prior to our time in the batting cages (5:30-6 p.m.) we will distribute them at that point. If they are not ready and for those that are unable to be at practice, I will bring the uniforms to my house and you can pick them up from my front porch.

As a reminder, the uniform includes a jersey, hat, belt, and socks. You are only required to buy pants, which will be black. With the jerseys this season, they will include a 60th Anniversary SSLL patch. Unfortunately, the patch will be separate from the jersey and we need each player to be responsible for getting the patch onto the sleeve of their jersey. The patch will go on the opposite sleeve of the American flag patch, which is already on the jersey. The patches can be ironed or sewn. Please try to do this prior to our first game. 

Face Coverings

All coaches received an email from the League President last night about the mask requirements and the need for each team to enforce the rule. As a reminder, all coaches, volunteers, and fans in attendance are required to properly wear face coverings at all times while at the facility. Kids are required to wear masks while in the dugout but are not required to wear them on the field. I've encouraged my kids to keep them on if they can so they don't get lost or just simply forget to put them back on while in the dugout.

This is extremely important and if not done properly could jeopardize our permit with the City and shut the season down. If you are unable to follow this requirement or know of a grandparent or aunt or uncle, etc. that is not willing to wear a mask while at the field, then please let them know they can't attend games this season. I don't want to police our fans nor does the league want to have to remove people from the facility. Please follow the rules and encourage those that want to attend games at our facility and NSLL to do the same. 


As always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me at any time. 

Thank you

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Update for this week
by posted 04/12/2021

Hello everybody, 

Sorry to dump all these updates on you this morning, but there have been changes made to the schedule for this week. 

We have a practice scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday, April 13) on the AA field. For those that are unable to attend, I completely understand. Field time is extremely valuable and hard to come by and this day is wide open. I will try to avoid last-minute schedule changes as much as possible the remainder of the season. 

On Wednesday, April 14, our practice time is being moved up 30 minutes and begins at 5 p.m. I know work schedules make it difficult to arrive on time, but those who can be there on time, please do so. We are splitting our field time with another team this day and we have an hour on the field (5-6) and then will be heading to the soccer field for the rest of practice (6-7). 

On Friday, April 16, we will only be in the cages (5:30-6). Please arrive at least 10 minutes early if possible. Those that want to go to the bullpen or soccer field to play catch are more than welcome to do so after the cages are completed. 


Please review the volunteer sheet sent out by our team parent. As a reminder, all SSLL parents are required to earn 4 volunteer points or opt to buy out. Before we can take buyouts, we need all positions to be filled. So if you are not committed to a role at this point, please sign up for something. Those that have signed up for a role, please connect with our team parent or myself for further instruction. 


Just a reminder that today is the final day to order practice t-shirts. Kids and adult sizes are available at $16 per shirt. I'm planning on placing our team's order at 5 p.m. today. A link and invite to the sheet were sent to you last week. Please place or update your orders by the deadline today.



Opening day is this Saturday, and our game is scheduled for 9 a.m. A small opening day ceremony is scheduled to place on our field prior to the game. For all games, I'm asking that players arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the game. Please arrive on time this way we can get the dugout set up and the kids warmed up properly. If you are unable to arrive on time or will not be at a game, please notify me as soon as possible. 


Thank you everybody and as always feel free to contact me if you have any question. 

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Games Schedule Released
by posted 04/02/2021

Hello everybody. 

This season's game schedule has been released. 

The schedule can be found on the SSLL website (click Team Central > AA Dirtbags > click Team Central > click Schedule)

Our first game is Saturday, April 17 at 9 a.m. followed up with a game at NSLL on Tuesday, April 20 at 5:30 p.m. I'm not familiar with where the AA field is at NSLL, but I will get you those details closer to the game. 

Please take a look at the schedule and alert me to any potential conflicts that you might have. 

Also, the schedule doesn't show it at this point, but there will be a game on Saturday, June 5 as well as likely games during the week of June 7 (Tournament of Champions). How we do in those games dictates when, where and what time we play at. 


Sorry to keep going on about this, but need 2-3 volunteers to assist with putting up the AA fence on Saturday at 9 a.m. It should only take a couple of hours and you earn the mandatory volunteer points (4 points required per player). 


Thank you and see everybody next week. 

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Practice Change
by posted 03/29/2021

I'm going to squeeze another practice in next week and moving our batting cage day. 

We will be at the cages on Thursday from 5:30-6 pm. on Thursday, April 8. 

Once we are done with cages we will head over to the soccer field and hold a practice. 

If you are unable to make the additional weekday practice that is not a problem. Just send me a text or email. 

Our Saturday practice that has yet to scheduled for April 10 will likely be a scrimmage with one of the other AA teams. The time of that scrimmage is TBD. 

Once I have a time nailed down I will add it to the practice schedule. 


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Spring Break - Fields are Closed
by posted 03/27/2021

Hello everybody, 

Just a reminder that next week is OUSD Spring Break and the fields are closed. 

There will be no practices next week. Our next scheduled practice is Tuesday, April 6 from 5:30-7 p.m. at the AA Field. 

Practices have been great so far. All of the kids have been extremely impressive. Not only are they eager to play, but they have been extremely well behaved, which allows for us to get more done at practice. 

I'm really looking forward to continuing watching their progression throughout the season. 

If you have the time next week, please try to get your kids outside and just play catch at a minimum. 

Also, we talked about finding a routine at the end of practice. We discussed how it's something that they will do every time they are up to bat or in the field. Whatever they want to do whether that is a deep breath before stepping in the batter's box or kicking some dirt before getting baseball ready while playing the field. 

That's their only homework over Spring Break. I will ask them about their routines at the beginning of practice on April 6. 

Finally, thank you to those that have helped this week on the field and also thank you for getting your kids to practice on time. It's extremely helpful when we have everybody warmed up and ready from the start. 

See everybody in a week. 


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Field Day (Volunteer Opportunities)
by posted 03/26/2021

Hello everybody, 

I wanted to let all of you know that the league's annual field day is taking place Saturday, April 3. 

This is a great opportunity to help get the fields ready for the upcoming season as well as earn volunteer points. 

One of the projects that AA teams are responsible for taking care of on Field Day is setting up the outfield fence. 

I will be out of town on this day and will need a couple of people from the team to be able to take care of this. 

If you are available and interested please let me know so I can pass your name along to the league's Field Coordinator. 

There will be some additional opportunities next Saturday (hanging up dugout shades, putting up SSLL banners and sponsorship banners, etc), as well as throughout the season. Our team parent should have more information for everybody after next week's Parent Team Meeting so stay tuned. 

Thanks, everybody. 

See you at the field tomorrow morning. 

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