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What is the Intermediate (50/70) division?

Played on Sundays, the intermediate division is a division for 11 - 13 year old players. Though not required, it is intended to be played IN ADDITION to the normal baseball season. The division offers a transition for players between the standard Little League field size (46-foot pitching distance and 60-foot base paths) and the High School field size (60-foot pitching distance and 90-foot base paths). In addition to the field size changes, the Intermediate division allows leading off, metal cleats, and big barrel bats. In short, it is a more "realistic" brand of baseball.


Where and when does the Intermediate Division play?

South Sunrise will play Intermediate Division games on Sundays against other teams in District 30 and other districts in Orange County.  Home games are played at Santiago Middle School.


Are there practices for the Intermediate Division?

No. Since most of the players and coaches are also registered for the regular baseball season, there are no practices held for the Intermediate team. The only events for this team are games on Sundays.


Does the Intermediate team wear uniforms?

The registration fee does not cover matching uniforms. Each player will wear their respective regular season uniforms. The parents and coaches may, if they decide as a group, find a team sponsor or pay for matching jerseys.


Can a player play in both Majors/Juniors and Intermediate?

Yes, in fact we encourage it!  The South Sunrise Intermediate team(s) will only be playing on Sundays and there are no practices, so there will be no conflict with the Majors or Juniors schedule.  Please note that pitch count limits and days rest requirements will count games played in both divisions.


Will my child need a new bat for the Intermediate Division?

The new bat standards being adopted by Little League baseball also apply to the Intermediate division. See USAbat.com for more information.