06/15/20 - Baseball & Softball Season Update
by posted 03/26/2020

UPDATE AS OF 06/15/20


The County of Orange announced today that youth sports practices may resume immediately under the CDC guidelines set forth for “Day Camps.” Youth sports games may not resume until further guidance is received from the state, which is “coming very soon.” The City of Orange is actively working on their own guidelines for its permit holders, and is expected to publish those within the next few days. That said, we will likely be allowed to resume practices within a week or two at the most and hopefully games shortly after.


We would still like to offer some sort of summer baseball league in the months of June, July, and possibly part of August. Our board has already drafted a thorough return-to-play safety plan and will augment our plan once we have a chance to review the city’s specific guidelines. Once the safety plan is finalized, it will be published to the league. We are all taking safety very seriously and hope to provide peace of mind to any of you who decide to return.


We have reached out to all of the team managers. Most are interested in returning to manage their Spring teams, with a few exceptions. We are going to instruct all managers to reach out to their teams to let you know their intentions of returning or not. If your child would like to play but is on a team without a manager, we will try to find a replacement manager or place your child on a new team. We want every child who wants to play to have a chance, so we will work tirelessly to find a team for everyone. We have even discussed opening limited registration to players from other leagues who have no baseball options to fill any depleted rosters.


Nevertheless, we understand that some of you may want to withdraw and not participate in summer baseball. To that end, the Board has decided to offer the following three options to its members:


  1. Remain registered and play summer baseball (no action needed from you)

  2. Withdraw and receive a partial refund after incurred costs (Click this link)

  3. Withdraw and donate registration fees to the league’s scholarship fund (Click this link)


If you decide to withdraw, please inform your team manager after you fill out the withdrawal form. We will be accepting withdrawal/refund requests through July 31st.  If you think there is a chance you would like to play summer baseball, we encourage you to remain registered, as it will cost you more to re-register later on and there may not be availability at that point.


Thank you very much for your patience these past few months. We are very disappointed that the Spring season did not work out as planned, but we assure you we will make the summer season as fun and memorable as possible for the kids!


We will continue to provide league-wide updates as we receive news information.


-SSLL Board of Directors


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